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10 Best Keto Restaurants In New York, NYC That Offer Low Carb Dishes

Are you on the keto diet, but want to dine out in New York City? You are probably worried that you won’t stay in ketosis during your delicious food adventures in the city that never sleeps!

We understand that searching for a place that has ketogenic, low carb options for you can be overwhelming in a place like New York. That’s why we have decided to help you out by choosing the top keto-friendly restaurants and cafes in New York that have many delicious dishes for you to enjoy!

And here’s a list of them:

Au Za’atar

A contemporary style restaurant offering Middle Eastern, Lebanese dishes in a warm, woodsy setting. 

Address: 188 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Fri from 4 pm – 11:30 pm
  • Sat – Sun from 11 am – 11:30 pm


Here are their keto-friendly dishes that you can try out:

  • Chicken Kebab (char-grilled chicken cubes marinated in herbs and lemon with vermicelli rice). Ask to exclude the vermicelli rice. 
  • Grilled Kafta Beef (char-grilled lean ground beef and lamb, mixed with parsley, chopped onions, herbs, and spices, served on a hot stone with vermicelli rice). Ask to exclude the vermicelli rice. 
  • Kousa Bi Laban (stuffed gry zucchini with pine nuts and seasoned minced meat in a yogurt mint stew, served with vermicelli rice). Ask to exclude the vermicelli rice. 
  • Filet Mignon Shish Kebab (beef filet mignon cubes cooked on a hot stone, served with hand-cut fries). Avoid the fries. 
  • Bemieh Bi Lahme (baby okra stew with g lamb, onion, tomato, cilantro and spices, served with vermicelli rice). Ask to exclude the vermicelli rice. 
  • Grilled Herb Salmon (with tomato Provencale and Mediterranean grits) 
  • Samak Meshwi (char-grilled bone-in whole branzino marinated in garlic, salt and lemon, served with tarator)
  • Arnabeet Mekle (fried cauliflower marinated in traditional Lebanese spices and herbs) 
  • Bemieh Bzeit (fresh baby okra sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, cilantro, and tomatoes) 
  • Halloum (a Cypriot cheese, served grilled with cucumbers and tomatoes) 
  • Soujouk (house-made spicy beef sausages sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes
  • Kibbeh Nayyeh (lamb tartare with mint and scallion)
  • Grilled Halloum Salad (grilled halloum, cucumbers, roasted beets and walnuts over greens) 
  • Shish Taouk Salad (grilled and marinated chicken cubes with house salad) 


A casual restaurant offering comfort food and delicious soups. 

Address: 236 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Fri from 8 am – 8 pm
  • Sat – Sun from 8 am – 9 pm


Here are the ketogenic options from their menu:

  • 16 Oz. Chicken Bone Broth (with fresh organic vegetables and 100% organic chicken) 
  • 16 Oz. Beef Bone Broth (with 100% grass-fed beef, a touch of ginger and fresh organic vegetables) 
  • 16 Oz. Hearth Bone Broth (with 100% organic chicken and turkey, 100% grass-fed beef and fresh organic vegetables) 
  • Seaweed + Mushroom Broth (with organic shiitake mushrooms, organic vegetables and seaweed) 
  • Sipping Beauty Broth Combination (parsley, lemon. Bone Broth: chicken bone broth, hearth bone broth or seaweed + mushrooms broth) 
  • Morning a Go-Go Broth Combination (cacao, coconut oil, naturally caffeinated herbs. Bone Broth: chicken bone broth, hearth bone broth or seaweed + mushrooms broth) 
  • What Came First Broth Combination (organic egg yolk, cinnamon, nutmeg. Bone Broth: chicken bone broth, hearth bone broth or seaweed + mushrooms broth) 
  • 96 Oz. Beef Bone Broth with a Complimentary Side of Roasted Garlic Puree (with 100% grass-fed beef, a touch of ginger and fresh organic vegetables). Served with a side of roasted garlic puree.

Tribeca’s Kitchen

A laid-back diner offering organic and gluten-free healthy food in a New American comfort style. 

Address: 200 Church St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Open Hours

  • Mon – Sun from 6 am – 12 am


Listed below are the keto-approved dishes from their menu:

  • Create- your – own – omelette (ham, bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon, turkey bacon, fresh buffalo mozzarella, asparagus, avocado, feta, gorgonzola or goat cheese) 
  • Create your own omelet (onions, peppers, tomato, swiss, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, arugula, broccoli, pepper jack, American, cheddar or mozzarella) 
  • Sicilian Omelette (prosciutto, basil, portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese, arugula, and tomato) 
  • Mexican Omelette (spicy chopped meat: beef or pork, tomato, jalapenos, cilantro,  onion, avocado and pico de gallo) 
  • Eggs Rancheros (scrambled eggs, tomato, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, onion, cilantro and pico de gallo) 
  • Greek Florentine (spinach, tomato, feta cheese and sausage) 
  • Avocado Omelette(avocado, jalapeños, arugula, and pepper jack cheese) 
  • Little Italy Omelette (salami, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese) 
  • Lower East Side Omelette (smoked salmon, tomato, spinach, capers and scallions) 
  • Washington Market Omelette (asparagus, onions, arugula, tomato, mushrooms, peppers and cheese) 
  • Mixed Grill (long bone pork chop, ny out sirloin steak, baby lamb chop) 
  • Boiled Seafood Combo (two stuffed shrimp, chicken sea bass, two baked clams, broiled salmon) 
  • Chicken a La Tribeca (sauteed chicken breast with fresh tomato, onions, garlic, mushrooms and basil with fresh cubed mozzarella) 
  • Bacon Beef Burger (thick cut bacon, portobello mushroom, caramelized onions, and cheese). Ask for no bread.
  • Sicilian Beef Burger (portobello mushroom, prosciutto, fresh buffalo mozzarella, bruschetta, and basil) 


A health-conscious restaurant offering cauliflower and sweet potato crust pizza and other delicious food in a cozy setting. 

Address: 348 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, United States

Open Hours

  • Sun – Thu from 11 am – 9 pm
  • Fri – Sat from 11 am – 9:30 pm


Here is the list of their keto-friendly dishes that you can try out:

  • The Classic 6-inch (classic tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, basil, red pepper flakes on cauliflower crust) 
  • The Classic 12-inch (classic tomato, basil, l mozzarella a, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes on cauliflower crust) 
  • White Velvet 6-inch (garlic ricotta, garlic oil, lemon zest, mozzarella and parsley on cauliflower crust) 
  • Avo Addict Club 6-inch (spicy tomato, jalapeño, mozzarella, avocado cherry tomato, red pepper flakes on cauliflower crust) 
  • Protein Please 6-inch (spicy tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, red onions, sausage on sweet potato crust). Ask for a cauliflower crust instead of a sweet potato crust. Also available in 12-inch.
  • Basic Brunch 6-inch (classic tomato, mozzarella, fried egg, tossed arugula, bacon on sweet potato crust). Ask for a cauliflower crust instead of a sweet potato crust. Also available in 12-inch.


A rustic restaurant and wine bar with brick wall decor offers Mediterranean style dishes in a warm atmosphere. 

Address: 202 Mott St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Thu from 11:30 am – 12 am
  • Friday from 11:30 am – 1 am
  • Saturday from 11 am – 1 am
  • Sunday from 11 am – 12 am


Listed below are the keto-approved dishes from this restaurant:

  • Seared Tuna (with olive and caper dressing) 
  • Grilled Portobello (tomato, cheese, arugula) 
  • Crevette Grille (shrimp with spices and zucchini) 
  • Octopus (Spanish pulpo cooked in red wine sauce, pan-seared and served on arugula salad) 
  • Tavern Chicken (flat thigh marinated in herbs and red pepper paste, grilled and served on cracked wheat veggie rice and side of tomato and greens). Ask to exclude the wheat veggie rice. 
  • Arugula & Spring Mix (tomato, herbs, cucumber, fresh lemon and olive oil dressing) 
  • Shepherd (tomato, parsley, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, mint, olive, lemon dressing) 
  • Mixed Grill (chops, wheat rice, skewers and veggies). Avoid the wheat rice. 

Via Carota

A traditional Italian trattoria serving delicious Italian cuisine in a cozy, rustic setting. 

Address: 51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Open Hours

  • Sat – Wed from 10 am – 12 am
  • Thu – Fri from 10 am – 1 am


Here are their keto friendly options based on their menu:

  • Olive All’ascolana (green olives, fried with pork sausage) 
  • Acciughe (marinated anchovies) 
  • Broccoletti (broccoli rabe, chilies and garlic) 
  • Insalata Mista (leafy greens in sherry vinaigrette) 
  • Heirloom Tomatoes (spring onion, basil, and cucumber) 
  • Funghi (mushrooms and smoked scamorza) 
  • Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (mozzarella, eggplant, tomato, and basil) 
  • Pomodori Verdi (marinated green tomatoes and bottarga) 
  • Vongole in Tegame (manila clams steamed in white wine and garlic) 
  • Orata Alla Griglia (grilled sea bream and escarole) 
  • Pollo Alla Griglia (grilled chicken in lemon vinaigrette) 
  • Agnello Ai Ferri (twice-cooked lamb ribs with chicercia) 
  • Via Carota Svizzerina (chopped steak) 

Gramercy Tavern

An outstanding restaurant that offers New American cuisine with local ingredients, incredible food, and a warm atmosphere and great customer service. 

Address: 42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003, United States

Open Hours:

  • Sun – Thu from 11:30 am – 11pm
  • Fri – Sat from 11:30 am – 12 am


Their keto-friendly dishes are listed below:

  • Chicken And Rice Soup (broccoli, mushrooms, spinach) 
  • Kale & Cabbage Salad (Meyer lemon, buttermilk, pine nuts) 
  • Roasted Oysters (Anthony garlic, leeks, sherry ) 
  • Ruby Red Shrimp (broccoli, sunflower seeds, farro) 
  • Pork Loin & Belly (Anthony garlic,  hazelnuts, collard greens) 
  • Marinated Scallops (yuzu, dashi, nori) 
  • LUMACHE (braised pork, Meyer lemon, kale) 
  • Beet Salad (grilled, pistachio, onions, Yogurt) 

Under The Bridge

A corner spot offering traditional Greek dishes with amazing food, high-quality meat, seafood and vegetables. 

Address: 1079 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10022, United States

Open Hours: Mon – Sun from 11 am – 11 pm


Listed below are the keto-approved dishes from this restaurant that you can choose from:

  • Melitzanosalata (smoked eggplant dip, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, herbs, fire-roasted peppers) 
  • Garides Psites (grilled head-on prawns with lemon garlic emulsion) 
  • Kalamaria (crispy calamari with rosemary sauce) 
  • Mussels Ahnis (smoked feta, tomato green chili, sauce, and herbs) 
  • Garides Saganaki (skillet baked shrimp in tomato, ouzo, and feta sauce) 
  • Halloumi (grilled Cypriot goat cheese, lemon compote, tomato) 
  • Loukaniko (grilled smoked Greek sausage) 
  • Horiatiki Salad (Greek village salad, olives, vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, oregano, peppers, feta and extra virgin olive oil) 
  • Arugula Salad (onions, feta, tomato, and balsamic vinegar) 
  • Marouli Salad (Romaine, graviera, dill, scallions, red wine vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil) 
  • Organic Solomos (spanakorizo and grilled wild salmon) 
  • Tsipoura (tsigarelia and grilled Greek royal dorado) 
  • Lavraki (tsigarelia and grilled Greek branzino) 
  • Tsigarelia (sauteed seasonal greens, tomato, and garlic scallions) 
  • Tzatziki (Greek yogurt, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, garlic) 
  • Htipiti (roasted chili dip and whipped spicy feta) 


A small, local eatery serving seafood, including a raw bar in a cozy setting with great service. 

Address: 280 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Open Hours:

  • Sun – Thu from 12 pm – 11 pm
  • Fri – Sat from 12 pm – 12 pm


Listed below are the keto-approved dishes and awesome food based on their menu:

  • King Crab Legs (a half pound of our steamed Alaskan crab with drawn butter) 
  • Angels on Horseback (oysters wrapped in double-smoked bacon with horseradish, and with cocktail sauce) 
  • Buffalo Shrimp (with blue cheese and celery) 
  • Twin Tar Tar (with one salmon and one tuna) 
  • Fried Oysters (with ginger soy and seaweed salad) 
  • Fried Calamari (with marinara sauce) 
  • Galley (mixed greens, cucumber, oil, tomato, and vinegar) 
  • Captain’s (greens, tomato, egg, bacon, carrot, and croutons). Ask to exclude the croutons and carrots.
  • Eric’s Salad (grilled tuna, tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, and balsamic vinaigrette) 
  • Scallop Ceviche (jalapeño, cilantro, tomato, lime, and scallion) 
  • Titanic (iceberg wedge, cucumber, tomato, and crumbled blue cheese dressing) 
  • Lobster Cobb (lobster, shrimp, greens, bacon, onion, avocado, herbs, and lemon) 
  • Fish Market Soup (hearty tomato, shrimp and white fish) 
  • New Orleans Gumbo (oyster, shrimp, chicken, and crabmeat) 
  • Scallops Dave’s Way (seared diver sea scallops with sautéed spinach) 
  • Christians’ Paella (shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari and half a lobster tail) 
  • Cat Fish Dinner (hush puppies, collard greens, with your choice of blackened or fried catfish)

Cho Dang Gol

An easygoing Korean restaurant serving traditional Korean dishes with homemade tofu. 

Address: 55 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001, United States 

Open Hours: Mon – Sun from 11:45 am – 9:45 pm


Here are their keto options that you can try out: 

  • Stuffed Mushrooms (mushroom caps stuffed with vegetables and tofu) 
  • CDG Tofu Slices (with scallion soy sauce and sesame peanut) 
  • Tofu Trio (steamed tofu slices with fresh kimchi and pork belly) 
  • Buchu Omelet (egg omelet with vegetables and Korean chives) 
  • Haemul Pajeon (seafood and scallion) 
  • Mushroom Stone Bowl (sesame leaves and mushrooms: Hyogo, white, enoki, oyster) 
  • Classic Kimchi Jun Gol (kimchi, squid, vegetables, and pork) 
  • Seafood and Tofu Jun Gol (hand-made tofu, blue crabs, various seafood and vegetables) 
  • CDG Bo Ssam (pork belly steamed with ginseng). Served with fresh kimchi and vegetable wraps. 
  • Stir-fried Tofu Trio (stir-fried kimchi, pork belly, vegetables, and tofu wedges) 
  • Hwang-Tae Hae Jang Guk(bean sprouts, shredded pollack, scallions) 
  • Galbi (marinated short rib slices) 
  • Bulgogi (marinated sirloin slices with mushroom and onions) 
  • Dak Galbi (marinated boneless chicken with cabbage) 


With the list above, you have the knowledge that you need to have in order to dine out while on the keto diet in New York City! 

Now that you know all the best low carb restaurants to eat amazing food, and still enjoy the keto lifestyle, all that is left for you to do is to explore your options and just enjoy!

If you’re looking for more places to eat out, check our complete restaurant list here.

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10 Best Keto Restaurants In New York, NYC That Offer Low Carb Dishes
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