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Top 11 Restaurants in Philadelphia That Offer Low Carb Meals

Are you tired of checking every restaurant if they have low carb options to accommodate your keto diet? Do you want a simple solution to help you decide where to eat?

Well, below we have the 11 best keto-friendly restaurants and cafes in Philadelphia that have low carb dishes!

Real Food Eatery

A casual eatery suited for the health-minded, offering high quality grilled meat, greens and grains.

Address: 207 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States

Open Hours: Mon- Sun from 11am- 9pm


This place offers a Build Your Own Bowl or Plate, so you can choose keto ingredients. Here are a few of our suggestions as well as a few keto options from their regular menu:

  • Organic Herb Chicken + Organic Spring Mix with lemon juice + Avocado + Organic Tomatoes
  • Grass-fed Braised Beef + Organic Chopped Kale + Parmesan Roasted Broccoli 
  • Salmon Filet + Organic Chopped Kale + Golden Cauliflower
  • 2 Eggs + Parmesan Roasted Broccoli + Roasted Mushrooms
  • 2 Eggs + Bacon + Feta
  • Cobb Caesar Salad (with chopped kale, crumbled bacon, avocado, sharp cheddar, tomatoes, greek yogurt caesar dressing)

Mixto Restaurante 

A restaurant with a mix of Latin American, Cuban and Caribbean cuisine served in a beautiful, warm and traditional setting. 

Address: 1141 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Thu from 4pm – 9:30pm
  • Friday from 11am – 10:30pm
  • Saturday from 10am – 10:30pm
  • Sunday from 9am – 9pm


Here are some keto-friendly dishes from their menu:

  • Ensalada Romana + Grilled Chicken Breast (with romaine hearts, olive-citrus tapenade, croutons with our homemade Caesar dressing). Ask to exclude the croutons.
  • Frittata Vegetariana (with egg white omelet with broccoli, onions, red peppers, spinach and tomatoes. Served with choice of toast or home fries). Don’t order toast or fries.
  • Avocado Omelet (with avocado, onions, cherry tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms. Served with your choice of chopped breakfast meat and home fries). Exclude the fries. 
  • Salmon a la Parrilla (with grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach served with a lemon thyme sauce). Ask to exclude the mashed potatoes.
  • Churrasco Argentino stir fry (with vegetables, outside skirt steak, and chimichurri sauce)

Suraya Restaurant

A chic and modern Lebanese cafe, market and restaurant with great food, and a a beautiful outdoor garden. 

Address: 1528 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon- Thu from 7am- 2:30pm; 5pm- 10pm
  • Friday from 7am- 2:30pm; 5pm- 11pm
  • Saturday from 7am- 2pm; 5pm- 11pm
  • Sunday from 7am- 2:30pm; 5pm- 10pm


Here are a few of their ketogenic diet dishes:

  • Lebanese Omelette (with zucchini, herbs, onion, feta). Ask for no pita. 
  • Green Salad (with gem lettuce, radish, lemon yogurt dressing, radicchio egg, pita chips). Avoid the pita chips. 
  • Sawdat Djej (with sautéed chicken livers and sweet onion, finished with pomegranate molasses and sage)
  • Makanek (with sautéed lamb sausages seasoned with coriander, clove, cinnamon. Finished with pine nuts and lemon)
  • Kafta Kebab (with ground beef kebab seasoned with cumin, parsley, onion, mint. Served with hummus, charred onion, pepper, tomato). Avoid the hummus.
  • Halabi Kebab (with ground lamb kebab brushed with muhammara and seasoned with coriander, chili peppers, cinnamon, paprika. Served with hummus, charred onion, tomato and pepper). Avoid the hummus


An intimate Basque tapas bar and restaurant with a cozy setting and rustic decor with Spanish and French influences. 

Address: 114 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Open Hours:

  • Sun – Thu from 5pm- 10pm
  • Fri – Sat from 5pm- 11pm


Listed below are some of their keto-friendly, low carb dishes:

  • Sopa De Casta Ña Truffled Chestnut Soup (wit duck confit, roasted mushrooms, pistachio)
  • Albóndigas Beef Meatballs (with poached egg,pipérade)
  • Brochetas De Cordero (with lamb brochettes, eggplant, sherry jus, bacon)
  • Pappardelle De Langosta Lobster & Saffron Pasta (with lobster and caviar cream, crispy garlic, tarragon)
  • Txangurro Donostia (with deviled crab, garlic aioli, piquillo pepper confit) 
  • Polluelo (with red chile braised chicken, leeks, swiss chard, quail egg)


A restaurant with a casual atmosphere and traditional Israeli cuisine with a slightly modern twist.

Address: 237 St James Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States

Open Hours: 

  • Sun – Thu from 5pm- 10pm
  • Fri – Sat from 5pm- 11pm


Here are some of their keto-friendly dishes:

  • Fried Cauliflower (with lemon, mint, aleppo, labneh)
  • Grilled Duck Hearts (with green matbucha, crispy garlic, green tomato)
  • Chicken Shishlik (with castelvetrano olive, ginger, preserved lemon)
  • Kibbe Naya (with raw lamb, harissa, lamb bacon, bulgur)
  • Tehina Hummus (with sesame, cumin, lemon, olive oil, green tehina, garlic)

Vernick Food and Drink

A New American eatery with classic American dishes and drinks. 

Address: 2031 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Sun from 5pm – 11pm


In the list below are their ketogenic dishes:

  • Organic Amish Chicken (with lemon and herb jus)
  • 28 Oz. Dry-aged Bone-in Strip Loin (with lemon, charred lettuce)
  • Colorado Rack Of Lamb (with warm leek vinaigrette)
  • Island Creek Oysters (with ginger, citrus)
  • Striped Jack (with avocado and grilled jalapeño oil)
  • Black Trumpet Mushroom Ravioli (with truffle and hazelnut)


Upscale restaurant in Philly, offering classic New American dishes with an Asian twist. 

Address: 604 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

Open Hours:

  • Tue- Sun from 5pm- 10pm


Here are their keto options from their menu:

  • Sunchoke Soup (with lamb bacon, button mushrooms, coffee oil)
  • Raw Diver Scallops (with buttermilk, green yuzu kosho, poppy seeds, white soy, chive)
  • Savory Donuts (with olive, smoked whitefish cream, nori)
  • Romanesco Cauliflower (with whipped feta, almond, spicy miso, herbs)
  • Grilled Lamb Loin (with lamb belly, lollipop kale, cauliflower puree)


A restaurant with a vintage feel, that offers traditional fare served in a busling setting.

Address: 227 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon- Thu from 7:30am- 11pm
  • Friday from 7:30am- 12am
  • Saturday from 10am- 12am
  • Sunday from 10am- 10pm


Listed below are their low carb, keto dishes:

  • Polenta And Eggs Basquaise (with piperade, poached eggs, Serrano ham)
  • Poached Eggs and Asparagus
  • Steak and Eggs
  • Cheddar cheese Omelette (with fines herbes, gruyère or cheddar) + Side of Pork Sausage
  • Mushroom Soup (with maitake, crimini, pioppini)
  • Salmon Tartare (with shallots, espelette, lemon)
  • Crab & Avocado (with shaved avocado, crab rillette)
  • Country Chicken Club (with avocado, rosemary aioli, bacon)
  • Chicken Paillard (with shaved vegetable salad)

Hungry Pigeon

A simple restaurant with an easygoing atmosphere offering an all-day fare prepared by two chefs served in an artsy setting. This place has great options.

Address: 743 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

Open Hours:

  • Mon – Thu from 5pm – 11pm
  • Fri – Sat from 9am – 3pm; 5pm – 12pm
  • Sunday from 9am – 3pm; 5pm – 12pm


Here are a few keto-friendly options from their menu:

  • Chopped Chicken Liver (caramelized onions, mustard, hard boiled egg, toast) Avoid the toast.
  • Roasted Beets (leek, marinated olives, citrus dressing)
  • Chopped Salad
  • Ham & Spinach Frittata (side salad, garlic aioli and toast). Avoid the toast.
  • Tuna Tartare (celery, NC yellowfin tuna, chiles, celery salt potato chips). Avoid the potato chips.


A restaurant with New American cuisine specializing in red meat and homemade bread.

Address: 1537 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

Open Hours:

  • Tue – Sat from 5pm – 10pm
  • Sunday from 10am – 2pm; 5pm – 10pm


Here are a few of their keto-friendly dishes:

  • Chicken Liver Mousse (with pickled red onions)
  • Grilled Duck Hearts(with tahini yogurt, cucumber, black sesame)
  • Crispy Pork Rillettes (with seasonal pickles, truffle parmesan aioli)
  • “Green Circle” Chicken (with roasted purple cauliflower, golden raisin, red beets, and shallot vinaigrette, garlic sherry jus)
  • Pork Belly Napa(with daikon and carrot slaw; mushroom congee, pork jus, cabbage). Avoid the congee.
  • Pate Du Jour (with seasonal mustard) 
  • Mushroom Omelette (with maitake, taleggio, truffle). Served with mixed greens. Ask to exclude toast. 

The Love

A refined restaurant featuring seasonal fresh ingredients and American fare.

Address: 130 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Open Hours:

  • Tue – Thu from 11:30am – 2:30pm; 5pm – 10pm
  • Friday from 11:30am – 2:30pm; 5pm – 11pm
  • Saturday from 10am – 2:30pm; 5pm – 11pm
  • Sunday from 10am – 2:30pm; 5pm – 10pm


Here are their keto-friendly options to try out:

  • Shrimp and Grits (with onions, southern spiced shellfish sauce and peppers)
  • Farm Egg Omelet (with exotic mushrooms, green beans, Amish Colby jack, herbs and crisp potatoes). Ask to exclude the potatoes. 
  • Arugula & Goat Cheese Frittata (with sun-dried tomato, crispy potatoes, basil emulsion, and greens)
  • Whole Smoked Mediterranean Branzino (with leek mustard sauce, citrus fennel salad)
  • Torched Broccoli (with house hot sauce)


In the list above you have the 11 best keto restaurants in Philadelphia that have ketogenic tasty dishes. You don’t have to worry and search for where to go when you want to eat out with friends anymore! All that you have to do is choose a place and eat their delicious keto-friendly, low carb foods!

Top 11 Restaurants in Philadelphia That Offer Low Carb Meals
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