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La Croix Carbonated Water on Keto: What You Need To Know

When 95% of your daily calorie intake is from fats and proteins, and only 5% from carbs, you need to take caution not only to the food you consume but also what you drink.

In this guide, you will discover how LaCroix products fit into a low carb ketogenic diet.

What To Know When It Comes to Sparkling Water

There are many drinks that contain carbs even if you don’t think they do. That can be a potential reason why the keto diet is not working for you as you are consuming too many carbs and not going into ketosis, and that’s without even knowing it. 

One of the basic keto “rules” when it comes to drinks is to consume liquids such as water, tea and black coffee without adding sugar or dairy milk of course. 

If you’ve been on the keto diet for a while you probably know that plain old water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee are becoming your daily companions, and it’s understandable if you get a little bored of them, craving something new and different. 

This is where sparkling water, often called seltzer, comes into play. If you don’t want to drink just plain water, then sparkling water is a great choice for you as it is usually carb-free.

Sparkling water can come with no additional taste, or some flavors can be added to it and sometimes the additives that give flavor can contain carbohydrates. 

For someone on the keto diet, sparkling water is something that can greatly affect your journey in a good way and make it more enjoyable. It gives you many different options of flavors, however, if you are not careful, drinking sparkling water with added flavor that has a sweetener (which contains carbs) can interfere with you staying in ketosis. 

What is La Croix?

la croix keto
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La Croix is an American brand that produces sparkling water or seltzer. Seltzer, or often called sparkling water, soda water, is water that contains a dissolved gas- carbon dioxide. 

This gas can be dissolved in the water by artificially injecting the carbon dioxide under pressure, or it can occur naturally in the water due to geological processes. Common types of carbonated water are soda, commercially produced sparkling water and natural mineral water.

The La Croix carbonated water is not of natural origin and it is artificially carbonated, however, the company claims that all the ingredients and additives they add to the water are in fact natural and healthy. 

La Croix offers many different flavors of sparkling water such as their original line of sparkling water, and their mixed line of flavors.

Some flavors of their original line are pamplemousse, lemon, coconut, tangerine, lime, cran-raspberry, orange, berry, passionfruit, peach-pear, apricot, mango and pure. 

Their mixed flavors of sparkling water are melon pomelo, pomme baya, mure pepino, coconut cola, pina fraise, coffee exotica, cubana and lacola.

Nutritional Facts

The main ingredient in La Croix flavored water is water and therefore according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and their food data central, their products have 0 calorie which means 0 carbs, proteins, and fat. (*)

Sodium, Na0mg

Ingredients: carbonated water and natural flavor.

Can You Drink La Croix Drinks On The Keto Diet?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, La Croix’s sparkling water drinks have no nutritional value. This means that the La Croix products – all of their flavored sparkling water drinks in both of their lines, are a very good choice for people on the keto diet. They are a great option if you want to surprise your tastebuds with a little flavor and some tingles!

Their relatively large variety of different flavors gives you the opportunity to explore different tastes and choose the one or more flavor that you like and you can enjoy them on your keto journey without fear of them causing issues with your ketosis. 

Bottom line:

Is La Croix sparkling water keto-friendly?

Yes, drinking La Croix sparkling water is completely fine and keto-friendly for people who are on a strict keto diet, and also for those who are not. 

How many net carbs are in La Croix sparkling water?

The La Croix sparkling water has no nutritional value, which means that their products don’t have any carbs. 


The La Croix sparkling water brand has products that are very good for someone who is on the keto diet. Their flavored sparkling water drinks do not affect the daily nutritional intake in any way and therefore they are not interfering with your ketosis. 

To sum it all up, you can enjoy the La Croix sparkling water drinks safely in any amount without them interfering with your keto diet and ketosis.

Where to Buy?

You can find La Croix sparkling water on and in many retailers.

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